Tear Down That (Pay)Wall

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So you don’t want to pay for content. Fine. No judgment. It’s no different than listening to a song on YouTube with an adblocker, watching a movie or TV show on Netflix or HBO with a friend’s password, or reading a book that you never buy at Barnes & Noble (the last which I am guilty of). If you have the means, you should support your favorite content producers – Patreon, ads, subscriptions, whatever. But not everyone can afford that in our subscription happy world. For them, knowledge & information should still be accessible. So here are a few ways around paywalls and limited articles.


  1. You’re on Chrome. If you hit a paywall, right-click and hit “Open Link in Incognito Window.” If you keep browsing articles with the Incognito window, you may hit another paywall. Close that Incognito window (copy the URL of the article you want to read, if you’ve it handy), open a new Incognito window, paste it, and enjoy. Easy. This should work almost everywhere.
  2. You’re on Firefox. The above, but you’ll right-click and hit “Open Link in New Private Window” instead. The whole rigmarole with the Private (Incognito) window applies here, as well.
  3. I don’t use Safari, IE, or other browsers, so I can’t speak to them. Please leave a comment if the process is similar or different!
  4. Use a service called Outline (no affiliation). How does it work? Copy the URL into the box on Outlines homepage that says, “Enter Article URL”. Hit “Create Outline” and bam, you’re done. Should work most of the time.
  5. Apparently, there are Chrome Extensions (my main browser) that will allow you to bypass paywalls. I don’t use them, so I can’t say for sure. A quick Google search showed me this one. 2k stars on GitHub & and a useful list of where it works. The same dev made this Cookie Remover extension, which should also solve your limited article problems.


  1. If you’re on iOS and use Safari, open up a private browsing tab and continue. To do so, tap the bottom right icon when Safari is open, then tap “Private.” Now, you’re a voracious reader, and you just keep on reading and hit another paywall. Easy: tap and hold the next article you want to read and then tap “Open in New Tab.” Make sure to do this in the Private mode.
  2. The same process above applies to the Chrome app. If you exhaust your links in regular mode, just open an Incognito window. When you exhaust those, open another tab. Rinse & repeat!

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