Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Author : Robert Louis Stevenson
Book : Treasure Island
Includes : Ebooks

Suggested Price: $1.99

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is one of those many books that have such an impact on popular culture, you read it and say “What a cliché! Buried treasure, peg legs, parrots, and “X” marks the spot! This guy obviously just ripped everyone else off.” Alas, that is not the case here. With Treasure Island, Stevenson helped mold the basic template of what a pirate is. They are disobedient, disloyal, disorganized, unlearned, swashbuckling, charming, interesting, entertaining, and a whole mess of other contrasts, all rolled up into one, exhilarating package.

In Treasure Island, we get an adventure and coming-of-age story that has captured many a heart in the nearly 140 years since it was first published. An old pirate, Billy Bones, goes to the Admiral Benbow Inn where he meets a young boy, Jim Hawkins, who he asks to be on the lookout for someone. This is young Hawkins introduction into the deadly world of piracy. He takes a map found in Bones’ chest to the respectable Dr. Livesey & squire John Trelawney. Mustering a crew, they set out to find the buried treasure of the legendary Captain Flint, but unbeknownst to them, some of the characters aboard their ship don’t plan on sharing generously. Most dangerous is the charismatic & charming Long John Silver, a peg-legged pirate with a parrot named – either out of respect or in mockery – Captain Flint.

Treasure Island has led to a multitude of adaptations, derivations, and other synonyms that signify influence. These include Black Sails (affiliate link), Disney’s Treasure Planet (affiliate link), and so many more, you’ll need hundreds of hours to get through them all. If you want to read about some cases of real treasure, check out 13 Incredibles Stories of Buried Treasure.