The Warlord of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

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The Warlord of Mars is a science fiction novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is the third novel of the Barsoom series and picks up soon after the previous novel, The Gods of Mars. It was released as a four-part serial over 1913–14 before being edited together and released as a novel in 1919. This was the sixth title Burroughs had for the book; it had previously been known as Yellow Men of Barsoom, The Fighting Prince of Mars, Across Savage Mars, The Prince of Helium, and The War Lord of Mars.

Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium and wife of John Carter, is captured and imprisoned in the Temple of the Sun, in a revolving room whose entrance is only accessible once a year. She shares her cell with Thuvia of Ptarth, another Barsoomian princess, as well as Phaidor, the daughter of a priest. The three are rescued by antagonistic figures, one of whom decides to take Thoris in order to spite Carter. Carter pursues them, bent on rescuing his wife.

Like the preceding novels, The Warlord of Mars is a science fiction novel, under the sub-genre of planetary romance (with some sword and sorcery thrown in for good measure). Some spacecraft do appear (a hallmark of a space opera), but their importance is not central to the story.

If you want a hard copy of the book, you can get it here. If you want a collection of the entire Barsoom series, you can get that here. Or, if you want to enjoy it as a comic, you can get that here.