The Desert Healer by E. M. Hull

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The Desert Healer is a staple of the desert romance genre. Being known for a single work is impressive enough. Being known for a genre? That’s something else entirely – a something that E. M. Hull fits quite well. While her particular genre may have fallen off the map in recent times, she’s credited with it nonetheless. E. M. Hull is known for reinvigorating the desert romance. Much like the name implies, the desert romance deals with love found in the unlikeliest of places: the desert.

Her best known work is The Sheik, a best-seller (selling more than a million copies) and the first in her line of popular works. As a child, Hull often traveled with her parents; one notable location was Algeria, a setting of several novels. The Desert Healer was published in 1923, the second of her single novels.

In total, Hull published 8 novels – 2 as part of a series (The Sheik and The Sons of the Sheik), five single novels (The Shadow of the East, The Desert Healer, The Lion-Tamer, The Captive of the Sahara, and The Forest of Terrible Things), and a memoir, Camping in the Sahara.

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