Anne of the Island by L. M. Montgomery

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Published seven years after Anne of Green Gables, Anne Shirley has gone off to college in Anne of the Island. She’s attending Redmond College in Kingsport, Nova Scotia. Going to college was her original dream, which Anne had to put off because of a death in the family and failing eyesight of her adoptive mother. Several of her friends enroll alongside her and at college, Anne has no trouble making more.

It’s not all smooth sailing, however. Anne loses one of her childhood friends and is on the precipice of losing Gilbert, another dear friend. The fear of losing Gilbert is especially paramount, as she realizes that she is in love with him (after rejecting him once).

Anne is 18 at the beginning of Anne of the Island and is 22 when she graduates from Redmond College, a “full-fledged B.A.”. As with the previous Anne Shirley books, Anne of the Island follows Anne throughout a certain period of her life. With L. M. Montgomery’s beloved series, readers can grow up alongside the character – sometimes experience what the character goes through for themselves.

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