Writing Widely: The Point of This Blog


If there is one thing I enjoy doing (for personal consumption until now) it’s writing. Whether it’s short stories, longer works in Scrivener, or thoughts that come to me in the form of notes, I love to write. Does it come naturally? Not really. I don’t wake up with that feeling of “If I don’t write, I feel like I’m betraying myself.” Rather, it’s something I do when the urge strikes. But recently, I’ve been writing more than ever. This blog is a natural extension of that.

1,104,340 words written in Scrivener
1,104,340 words written in Scrivener so far

As many readers might empathize, I had a couple of swings back and forth before deciding to publish. I wanted to be clear on what I could offer that would be worth your while. In reading, you’re spending your time. As Jim Rohn said (and as has been repeated in countless ways) “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” I want to make sure your time here is well spent. One thing is obvious, and that’s what Librecron offers – books and entertainment. Every book here is available for free. You can choose to support the production of more books by purchasing (and if you’re able to, I hope you will). Though it’s a risk, it’s one I’m willing to take to ensure that great books – old and new – can be enjoyed by all, where the price isn’t a blocker.

But beyond that, I think I can offer a different perspective on media, creativity, history, and how we got to where we are now (and where we’re going) – the topics that interest me the most. Each post should be informational at the very least. A good post will entertain, a great one will impart knowledge, and the best will do all three seamlessly. I think an eclectic mix will be most enjoyable for you, dear reader – not always sure of what’s coming next, but knowing that it'll be worthwhile.

This is the very first post on this blog, so you’re starting this journey with me. I’ve only a vague idea of how this will go. Similar to a man who finds himself on a ship in the middle of a warm sea being told to navigate by starlight, I’m glad there are no icebergs for me to crash into and a seemingly infinite amount of directions I can choose from. Still, I have some idea of where to point the bow:

  • Publish 2-3 shorter articles per week. I’ve long had a habit of noting down topics that interest me, and I’m going to explore them further here. The list is ever-growing and evergreen (and endless – seriously, I look away for one minute and there are another few entries!)
  • Publish 1 longer article per week. This will be more about systems and processes that help me get my work done, or help me in some other way. This may change, especially as I encounter new topics or experience changes in interest – or, if an article requires a deeper dive than a week would allow.
  • The main goal of the site is to publish the greatest books written in a way that’s accessible to everyone (in terms of price, platform, and method – you can read, or you can listen to the audiobook). I’ll publish at least one book per week going forward. That’s a good cadence for readers, too. Whether you want to read or listen to it, you’ll be able to get through a few classics each month.

All that remains to be seen is what, precisely, will we encounter?

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